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The Tenant (1976) By Polanski – Review!

The Tenant

Robin saw the French psychological horror film The Tenant from 1976 by Roman Polanski (showing him in the lead role) about a Polish-French man moving into a flat in Paris. His predecessor committed suicide. It is a true hell …

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Trashy And Iconic: Hammer Films!

Robin complained that Hammer films were trashy and was told “but in an iconic way”.So Robin watched Dracula A.D. 1972 from 1972, starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.

Fashinwise, in the 70s young people didn’t look much different than in the …

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Christine (1983) by John Carpenter

Robin saw the film Christine by John Carpenter about a demonic car and its romantic relationship with its owner, and had quite a good time.

“Those days horror movies were much tamer than they are now.” Robin says.

“I also was back …

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Slasher (TV series)

Robin has been watching the TV serien Slasher on Amazon Prime.

It is about a masked serial killer named The Executioner, several suspects and a heroine trying to find out what the answer to that mystery is. Her parents were brutally …

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Review: Midsommar (2019)

Robin saw the Swedish flic Midsommar from 2019 about the dark side of flower power.

It is about a small group of young tourists who want to do research for their diploma and go for an obscure occult sekt in the …

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