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Enjoy This Halloween!

“We play a little game. Die – or die. Make your choice.”

So you have exactly two options: either you die from covid-19 or from making the accuaintance of Michael Myers. But the good thing is: after Halloween Jigsaw can say:

“Game …

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Hammer Bat begins…

Robin got so inspired by the bat of the Hammer Film Production “Scars Of Dracula” from 1970 starring Christopher Lee that he believes the film Batman Begins from 2005 starring Christian Bale should be remade and named “Hammer Bat Begins”. …

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“Hippie Holocaust”?

Robin had a think about what he calls “Hippie Horror”, like The Wicker Man or Midsommar.
“Once you have seen The Wicker Man you know the route. Most other films on that topic are predictable.”

Inspired by the cannibal flic Cannibal Holocaust

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The Real Root Of All Evil?

The dinosaurs became extinct a little over 60 million years ago because a meteorite struck the earth. The impact site was found and is in the Caribbean in the Gulf of Mexico.
The diameter is over 80 kilometers!

Also near the Gulf …

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Who Is the Scariest Vampire?

Coffin, coffin, in the hall… Who is the scariest of them all?

Since the invention of the vampire genre many have played the Undead. But who is the scariest?

Max Schreck played Count Orlock in Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau’s expressionistic masterpiece Nosferatu from …

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How To Deal With Control Freaks!

“I believe they should be hung by their balls until death sets in. Alternatively, one testicle should be shattered with a hammer so the culprit has the chance to improve his behavior. If it stays the same than the other …

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