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Are You Feeling Zombified?

“If I was dead I would be more gothic…” some goths might thinkg.

Robin believes that becoming an undead would be a cool compromise. “Though I don’t know exactly how to become one – the direction seems to be okay.” For …

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Robin watched the first episode of iZombie on Netflix

„The series seems to be average, but Rose McIver as Liv the zombie looks awesome. Some goth girls are just eye-candy! I’ll probably watch further episodes because she is so pretty.”

She and …

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Belly Dance In the Making!

Robin tried out a new scale (Byzantine) and composed music for a belly dance.
“I want it to increase and add another instrument after each run. Like Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield, Fractured Mirror by Ace Frehley or Pimpf by Depeche …

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New Lyrics: Deep in the Night!

Vengence is sweet, huh, huh,  huh…
Deep In the Night


A million miles from home.

We are on our own.

You’ve opened up your eyes.

A million miles from home.

We are all alone.

It’s time to say goodbye.


Another day has gone.

It can’t be left undone.

Since there’s …

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The Conjuring (2013)

Robin saw (despite warning) the supernatural horror film The Conjuring from the year 2013 directed by James Wan, which is about a family that moves into a haunted house and calls ghost hunters to help.

“Was that boring! Sanctimonious, Amytiville (and …

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In the Tall Grass (2019)

Robin saw on Netflix the mystery/horror flic In the Tall Grass from 2019 by Vincent Natali, based on a short story by Stephen King.

It starts off with a brother and his pregnant sister running into a field next to a …

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Re-Animate Those Who Died From Corona!

There is a feverish search for a vaccine against corona worldwide.

Robin hopes that it glows in the dark and brings the dead back to life, like the vaccine against death in the film Re-Animator with Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Herbert …

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