Coronavirus pandemic – who needs to be fired?

Robin was thinking about the management of the pandemic and about which Germans involved should be fired immediately.

It was not (only) Merkel, but the Minister of Health, Spahn, who was not familiar with the subject, and a whole series of useless “experts”, in addition to health insurance companies that did not want to pay for tests and legislation that favours the pharmaceutical industry at the expense of the hospitals.
Robin would list as candidates for firing
– Chief of the Health Insurance Association
– Any “expert” at professorial level in virology, infectiology or epidemiology who, in interviews in February or March, spoke out against tightened precautionary measures in Germany and claimed that Germany was well prepared.
– Head of the Robert Koch Institute for the very late updated list of risk areas. Most German infected persons in the first week of March were skiers and holidaymakers in Italy.

There were dozens of talk shows on the subject, and the consensus was always “keep calm” and “don’t panic”.

That in itself is not wrong. But why create panic by naming more risk areas and carrying out more tests? It’s just about the shitty 300 Euros that somebody once put in the room what such a test should cost. The German government could have issued a call for tenders to all genetic laboratories. Who can offer 100000 tests for less than 30 million euros? There must be some sort of volume discount.

Furthermore, school children could have been taught to make masks, that would certainly not have caused panic.
The salesman in the retail trade could have been obliged to wear gloves and the cashiers could have been obliged to wear additional mouth protection (also self-made).
Maybe there would then have been a few companies that would have offered fancy face mask craft kits in many colours.

First of all, there would be much less demand in the population to buy the real masks after the self-made ones. Secondly, people would have already got used to the sight of masks and said that they had to do it now, the Ministry of Health wants it that way. Nobody would be embarrassed!

Instead, they heard: “The masks are totally ineffective, you shouldn’t buy them.”

Schools should not have been closed, because schools in particular could be designed so that there is little risk of infection. The pupils are no longer allowed to sit close to each other, but at a distance of 1.5 m each. In addition, students and teachers must wear a mask in the classroom and the windows must remain open, even when it gets cold and the students have to put on a cardigan. Every classroom has a sink anyway, you could have put a soap dispenser anywhere and encouraged the kids to wash their hands.

But no but no, that would all just be inexpensive actionism that is dangerous because it gives a false sense of security blablabla


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