Collateral (2004)

Robin watched the thriller Collateral, and this is how he found it!

A psychopathic contract killer (Tom Cruse) forces a taxi driver (Jamie Foxx) to take him to his five victims in LA at night so he can do his job. The last victim is a young woman the cabbie has a crush on.

During the conversations between the taxi driver and the contract killer, it becomes clear that the latter is indeed a psychopath. The taxi driver is a passive loser who changes and becomes an active winner in the end.

Robin’s thoughts:
“Tom Cruise is unexpectedly good in his role! Actually, he is a good actor after all.”
In the end, the bad guy causes a power outage in the nighttime office building where his latest victim is working overtime. In the dark open-plan office, she cries for help, even though she knows she has a killer on her back. Robin would have preferred to shout, “Girl, you’ll have to shout louder or your killer won’t find you in the dark!”

But the hero saves her in the end. But Robin thinks she should have had a different skin colour than him. “Eugenics suck!”

All in all: very good!

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