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Racism in Ulm (Germany) and Melchior

Many leftists and a parish in Ulm complain about Melchior that this is a caricature of a black man and is to be considered racist.
Therefore this figure will be removed from the church.

Such representations (Melchior nice white) are not …

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Gay! What next?

Is sporadic homosexuality a selection advantage?

Robin is currently interested in evolutionary psychology, and came across an interesting idea: The hordes with homos were better off in evolution: if a predator came and wanted to eat babies, they were protected not …

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The Ghosts of Everest

On the Mount Everest there are about 200 bodies of mountaineers who have died in accidents.

Some act as signposts, others are in crevices. It is too dangerous to take them down – and they knew that the trip would …

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When the Bat Bites!

Robin investigated vampire bats.

“They are much better than mosquitoes because they only have cows and horses as hosts. And they are not even black – why should they be camouflaged if they are only active when the victim is sleeping …

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BTS – The Reason For Their Make-Up?

Robin has dealt with the boygroup BTS from South Korea.

“They come from Busan! I once saw an interesting movie about a train that goes there! At some point most of the passengers look a bit different from the guys …

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Time Is Short. These Films are, too.

And here are five horror short films you should see before you die!

Cargo. The most heart-warming of them all comes from Australia and is about a father, his daughter and a zombie apocalypse: