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When the Bat Bites!

Robin investigated vampire bats.

“They are much better than mosquitoes because they only have cows and horses as hosts. And they are not even black – why should they be camouflaged if they are only active when the victim is sleeping …

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BTS – The Reason For Their Make-Up?

Robin has dealt with the boygroup BTS from South Korea.

“They come from Busan! I once saw an interesting movie about a train that goes there! At some point most of the passengers look a bit different from the guys …

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Sexual Predetors

Robin had the opportunity to think about some famous molesters.

Kevin Spacey

Artistic merit: He is a gifted and award-winning actor
Misdemeanor: He has sexually harassed a considerable number of male teenagers.
Consequence: Netflix has removed all films with him. His part in …

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He Is So POE!

And now words of wisdom by Edgar and a realistic assessment from him and his pet:

Spare him his life for his monstrosity!

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Greta Thunberg – already forgotten?

Fridays For Past?

Robin believes that the pandemic stole Greta Thunberg the show – but that’s not too bad, as she received 2 million euros for her stolen dreams anyway.

He thinks that an allegory of Greta’s stolen dreams would look like …

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