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The Tenant (1976) By Polanski – Review!

The Tenant

Robin saw the French psychological horror film The Tenant from 1976 by Roman Polanski (showing him in the lead role) about a Polish-French man moving into a flat in Paris. His predecessor committed suicide. It is a true hell …

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He Is So POE!

And now words of wisdom by Edgar and a realistic assessment from him and his pet:

Spare him his life for his monstrosity!

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Greta Thunberg – already forgotten?

Fridays For Past?


Robin believes that the pandemic stole Greta Thunberg the show but that’s not too bad, as she received 20 million euros for her stolen dreams anyway.

He thinks that an allegory of Greta’s stolen dreams would look like the …

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Train To Busan

Robin is thinking of the pandemic due to covid-19 and believes that there should be dark satire inspired by it and the Korean horror-flic  Train to Busan:

a zombie apocalypse breaks out and the experts on the radio say that …

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