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New Song Lyrics: You And I

Since Robin has very limited access to his recording facilities at the moment he writes lyrics in the meantime. Here is a draft about the joy of winning a competition:


You lose. I win.
You frown. I grin.
I live. You …

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New Song: Haunted (Demo Version)!

Robin has recorded a new song. However, he doesn’t seem to be as positive and bizarre as he normally is. This could have all sorts of reasons – maybe he believes the tempo is a little too slow. the key …

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New song: “Kill Everybody”

A song about a man running amok and his tragic reasons for doing so, listen to it and enjoy!

Kill Everybody

First is the one that never greets back
Next comes the shop that ran out of beer
There works a girl …

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New Songs in the Making!

While working on the video to the upcoming “Haus is Syrien” Robin found the time to write the lyrics to a song about a man trying a new way to solve his problems.


Kill Everybody
First is the one that never greets …

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Follow-up to Haus im Libanon: Haus in Syrien!

Robin has started working on the follow-up to Haus Im Libanon ( from 2006: Haus in Syrien! Like last time the music will be that of the traditional House Of the Rising Sun.


Es stand ein Haus in Syrien

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New Song: Jeanny (Falco Parody)!

Robin has started a side project named “Robin B. Czar’s CoverLover” in which he creates parodies of famous songs. He starts with the song Jeanny by Austrian singer Falco, featuring Rosie Ulrich as Jeanny – but this time Jeanny kidnaps …

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Review of Mission Bizarre on The Independent Spotlight!

” B. Czar’s lyrics and performance are on point: he’s not your traditional vocalist or predictable talent. It’s a bit like if David Bowie and Alice Cooper had a lovechild. He’s got the sensibility and theatrical nature of both, with the …

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FAULKNER Review of Mission Bizarre!

8.3/10! This really makes my day!

Mission Bizarre by Robin B. Czar

Robin B. Czar is a singer/songwriter and guitarist hailing from England. His signature
sound is a mix of classic rock like Black Sabbath and W.A.S.P. with more modern
rock/metal artists like Marilyn …

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Robin is happy to announce that he has reworked the songs Fee and Mad Scientist from his forthcoming album Mission Bizarre. “Free has an additional guitar solo and the rhythm guitars of Mad Scientist are now different. I have also …

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