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New Song: Until We Meet Again

This is going to be the final track on Robin’s new album MISSION BIZARRE, listen to it and enjoy!

 Until We Meet Again

At the grave
Rose in hand
Hear a whisper in the rain
And there …

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New Song – Requiem!

Robin remade one of his early works – the formally German vers is now in English. The original version can be found here:


You are laid out in a sea of light
Your eyes are closed, your face is white
Those candles burn, …

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Name Of New Album: Mission Bizarre!

Robin has made a decision: the name of his forthcoming album is going to be: MISSION BIZARRE.

All that is still needed is a controversial album cover. So if you are a pretty girl that wants to take part in a …

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The Dream of Anti-Bizarrism Forces

It is a dream of anti-bizarrism forces to get rid of bizarrism from the face of the earth but they know the impossibility of their dream coming true. Therefore, they have resigned themselves to live with bizarrism but a modified …

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