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Are Barbers From Poland Evil?

Robin needs to go to a hairdresser. Since he has learned that Jack-the-Ripper was  probably a barber from Poland in his early 20s, Robin has made sure the hairdresser is a girl, older than 25 and from Germany. You never …

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Interview With Robin!

We had a quick chat with Robin!

How is the music doing?

“I am re-recording Pripyat – The Ballad of the Zombie Girl. Since I am a little short on equipment I digitally pitch my electric guitar to make it sound like …

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The new Schäffler?

There is an origin legend according to which the Schäfflertanz was first performed in Munich in 1517 during a plague epidemic, in order to calm the population, which hardly dared to go out into the streets because of the plague, …

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