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Lyrics About Haunted Mount Everest!

A total of 200 mountaineers were killed in an accident while attempting to climb Mount Everest. Their bodies are still lying there and their ghosts are probably haunting them – which inspired Robin to write the following lines:

Ghosts of the …

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New Lyrics: Deep in the Night!

Vengence is sweet, huh, huh,  huh…
Deep In the Night

A million miles from home.

We are on our own.

You’ve opened up your eyes.

A million miles from home.

We are all alone.

It’s time to say goodbye.

Another day has gone.

It can’t be left undone.

Since there’s …

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Parody Of “I Am the Walrus”!

I Am the Virus

I am he as you are he as you are meAnd we are all togetherSee how they run like pigs from a gunSee how they flyI’m smiling

Sitting on a corn flakeWaiting for the meal to comeIce age …

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“The Count” in Hammer-Films.

After watching a couple of Dracula movies made by Hammer Filmproductions starring Christopher Lee as Count Dracula, Robin was inspired to write lyrics about a female fan of this character played by this actor.

“The Count” in Hammer-Films.


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New Lyrics: Forever

Robin believes that the folowing lyrcs are among his finest. Enjoy!



The mainstream was her standard, a shroud of misery.

So she tried to find her place in all conformity.

Then she saw a handsome man, she saw him from afar.

 He was simply …

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Positive Lyrics: Hear Their Song

Hear Their song


You walk alone ‘cause you’re lost in this dark forest

And to a house you come suddenly

This house is ancient and it is half in ruins.

And abandoned it seems to be!

You decide to stay the night.

It is already late.


And …

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New Lyrics – Still Alive!

And here is the announcement of a singer for Robin’s band Nightfall introducing the following song:

The story of a man, who doesn’t get anything done and because of that eventually kills himself; but afterwards he wakes up in his coffin …

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Jack Is Back

Sex is said to sell – hopefully so is gore!

Jack Is Back.

They went to her room and the whore turns her back on him.
He puts out a knife while he smiles, and his smile is so grim.
He cuts her throat …

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