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Update of Robin’s Psychological Thriller!

Robin is updating his psychological thriller The Bitch of the Baskervilles: he added a new character, Lucy Luder, and gives Mr Slickwood a more prominent role!

1.) Lucy Luder comes to the police station and while she tells Sherlock what happened …

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12/12 Sharlock Faces the Truth…

12/12. Sherlock Faces the Truth…

What happened so far:

Sir Baskerville disappeared on his morning run Sherlock from Scotland Yard is investigating. Nobody must enter the room of Lady Baskerville and nobody has ever seen her. Could she be the …

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Sherlock Prefers Faithful Women!

Still working on his psychological thriller The Bitch of the Baskervilles, Robin abandoned the idea that his protagonist Sherlock has an affair with the wife of one of his colleagues.

That’s what he thinks: “If they don’t like their man anymore, …

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Robin is about to rework his psychological thriller The Bitch Of the Baskervilles completely so the continuing story stops at this point.

“Wait a little, it is going to be much better, the character of Dr. X in particular.”

We hold our …

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