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Photo Of Robin As a Baby!!

Even Robin was a baby once. This picture proves it. Even as a baby you can see easily that he would become a great musician, poet and artist one day. Trust your intuition!


Robin tried to upload that pic to …

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the Garden Girl?

We wanted to know from Robin what he would say if he saw the girl above in the garden.

He would tell her that he was always so lonely and ask her if she actually had a partner. And since she …

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The Ring – so inspiring!

If Robin met this lady in the picture, he’d offer her a beer. “Probably Corona, especially for people like her!” Robin tells us.

He would also give her some of his shampoo. “Girls with healthy hair are cool”

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Top 10 sexual phantasies of women – New Story Ahead?

Robin did some research. These are his results:

Top 10 sexual phantasies of women

Having sex with an authority figure (teacher, dean… etc)
Having sex with another woman
Getting money for sex
Sex with a stranger
Sex with the best friend of her partner
Taking control
Gang …

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New Ideas for “Dawn of the Damsel”!

Robin has another idea for his post-apocalyptic story Dawn of the Damsel.

(What happened so far:

Except the hero the whole world population has either died by some pandemic or mutated to evil cannibals. He finds a pretty girl but she …

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Cheap hookers anyone?

Brothels are closed!

Since prostitution is prohibited due to some obscure pandemic the rumour runs that sex workers are as cheap as never. So if you are about to die soon and thus don’t care about legal consequences anyway – now …

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Black Magic – really harmelss and good fun?

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. (Søren Kierkegaard)


Thinking back Robin needs to correct his former assumption; namely that a former band member was the punishment for Robin’s former life and thus that Karma is …

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Prepare to be chilled…

Robin’s title for his new story is “Dawn of the Damsel”.

It is about the last man on Earth because due to a pandemic the rest of the world has either died or mutated to creepy cannibals.

He finds a pretty girl …

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