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The Walking Dead and the Living

Robin saw the beginning of the 1st season of the series “The Walking Dead” on Netflix and is a little puzzled:

“If a zombie identifies itself as a living human, is it politically correct to kill it?”

We hope that …

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Does Age Matter?

Robin is enraptured by a picture: “The lady in it obviously likes older men! That’s a bit over the top here, but the direction is right.”

Robin advises young women to take men especially his age: “Men who are your age …

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Hammer House of Horrors – Without Bats?

Robin watched some episodes of the English TV series “Hammer House of Horrors” and wondered if they weren’t as cult and trashy as the Dracula movies from Hammer. After a short pondering he came to the following conclusion: “The bats …

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Nude photo of Melania Trump!

Robin got her hands on a nude photo of Melania Trump.

“She looks good – but the green stuff on her nipples is irritating.” Robin speculates what it could be: “Maybe these are side effects of drugs she has to …

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Robin and Druuna – Made for Each Other?

Robin is a confessing fan of the Druuna comic books. “She is so likeable! Texts and plot are bad, but the drawings are excellent!”

Robin would like to be a comic book character who makes love to Druuna.
“The lady is polygamous, …

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person in black shirt with a black telecaster guitar

Are You Feeling Zombified?

“If I was dead I would be more gothic…” some goths might thinkg.

Robin believes that becoming an undead would be a cool compromise. “Though I don’t know exactly how to become one – the direction seems to be okay.” For …

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Re-Animate Those Who Died From Corona!

There is a feverish search for a vaccine against corona worldwide.

Robin hopes that it glows in the dark and brings the dead back to life, like the vaccine against death in the film Re-Animator with Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Herbert …

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The Fly Must Die?

Robin is inspired by the body horror film The Fly from 1986 by David Cronenberg where a mad scientist tries to do some teleportation which accidently mixes up his own DNA with that of a fly.

Robin believes that the protagonist …

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Masks That Really Protect?

Robin has been told that the anti-Corona-facemasks were useless. Inspired by the movie “Black Sunday” by Mario Bava from 1960 he believes that other masks could be more efficient.

Here is a helpful person in adjusting the mask. Probably, he himself …

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