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Beware Of Bats!

Robin saw a film about vampire bats and is very disillusioned, “I imagined them much scarier visually!”

Here’s a bat to Robin’s liking:

Whether the cows bitten by vampire bats at …

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Granny’s House

There is a mobile game called “Granny”.
Robin played through it, it’s exciting, kind of like “Resident Evil” on the Playstation if you can remember.

Here’s a funny song about it, Robin’s niece already knows half the lyrics by heart 🙂
333 million …

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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here! That one day of the year on which some of us don’t need to hide in the shadows but can go out and enjoy life in public. Even the phantom of the opera could take off …

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“Vincent” by Tim Burton

When Robin first saw “Vincent” by Tim Burton he only thought: “I was no different at 7! Am I not as bizarre as I thought I was?”

He came to the conclusion that Vincent is simply a proto-bizarrist.

Moreover he changed his …

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Ted Bundy And His Doppelgänger…

Robin saw a documentary about the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. “Not all psychopaths are serial killers. But he was both.”

He found the recordings of the court proceedings particularly interesting: “There used to be a German Foreign Minister who looked …

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The Walking Dead and the Living

Robin saw the beginning of the 1st season of the series “The Walking Dead” on Netflix and is a little puzzled:

“If a zombie identifies itself as a living human, is it politically correct to kill it?”

We hope that …

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Does Age Matter?

Robin is enraptured by a picture: “The lady in it obviously likes older men! That’s a bit over the top here, but the direction is right.”

Robin advises young women to take men especially his age: “Men who are your age …

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