Bizarre Rocks!

Robin's Career!
Robin on a stone
1970 In a Berlin hospital Robin sees the twilight of day.
1976 Robin takes his first piano lessons with a psychopath initiating a life-long love for scary stories in him.
1979 Robin takes further piano lessons with a female pianist who is introducing him to the secrets of female anatomy as well.
1981 Robin recieves a guitar and wants to become a rock star now.
1982 Robin recieves a bass guitar and still wants to become a rock star.
1983 Robin buys a drum kit and wants to become a hardrock star.
1984 Robin recieves a saxophone and a cello which depresses him deeply. He sells them and buys a bass amplifier - and wants to become a rock star again. He also joins his first bands: His own is named "Dorian Gray" remaining a duo where he composes his first own songs. The other bands he changes frequently. Anyway most think he is too young; though his musical skills are high above the adult average in Munich. Sometimes he lies about his age and claims to be 16, getting busted any time he gets involved in questionings about his school or his supposed apprenticeship.
1987 After three years having bass lessons on a regular basis Robin changes back to guitar and founds a band which is for phonetical/aesthetical reasons called "Neidvoll" (German for "Full of envy", sounds phonetically like "nightfall"). Apart from that he starts his first singing lessons.
1989 Robin is being taken to a lunatic asylum and decides to refound his group (which split up in the meantime), changing the name to "knight's phall". Unluckily he gets acquaintant to a night active female stranger who bites his neck. After finding out that he doesn't turn to dust in sunlight and that only his powers are weakened, he leaves his home in the morning and sleeps in proper beds again.
1991 The name of his band is "Nightfall" now. In January the first historical gig takes place in Munich where Robin and his band perform his songs live. Many gigs in Bavaria follow until the band splits up due to exhaustion and inner differences at the end of the year.
1992 Robin simply refounds Nightfall a second time and recieves very excited reviews from the press. The band tours through Bavaria and Frankonia. (Hyperlink: Photos)
1993 Robin touches a high voltage plus terminal and gets an electrical shock ?from now on he is utterly positive. Robin changes his surname to "Bizarre".
1995 Robin works on his first metal musical "Jennifer". After it is finished in 1997 it remains unperformed due to lacking suitable actors and differences with his band.
1998 Robin cuts his hair and decides to become a jazz musician and an actor now. With the theatre group "Spielstatt" and the musical "Guys and Dolls" by Frank Loesser he tours through Bavaria at the end of the year. Parallel to that he founds with Steve Steel the duo Steel/Bizarre which, however, splits off again at the end of the year.
1999 Robin has a try with avantgarde and stays a solo artist due to job-related reasons for the next two years.
2001 Together with Matthias 'Forbi' Forberg, Robin founds the duo Painzange.
2002 Painzange's ascendence to world fame and glory is interrupted by Robin's move to England. By the way he changes his name to 'Robin B. Czar' (which sounds alike both to 'Robin Bizarre' and 'Robin be Czar').
2003 Robin changes bands frequently. Because he is frequently greeted with 'Sieg Heil' for being an evil German he makes up his mind and starts writing German lyrics exclusively. His song cycle "Nachtgesänge" ('Nocturnal Chants') arises.
2004 Robin gigs almost every night with a Rock Cover Duo in a full-time manner at the South-East of England until he moves to Far East Asia where the Chinese greet him euphorically. He finds himself a band named "The Exploded" and plays live at the Lotus Bar in Ho Hai and the CD Caf?in Central Beijing. However, by the end of the year he leaves his crying band mates and moves back to England for gaining inspiration from the English weather and working on his latest songs.
2005 Robin has found a stressful job and studies after work for two computing courses which he finishes at the end of the year with a positive result. He also becomes an active member in a philosophy forum inspiring him to lyrics and stuff.
2006 Robin has finished his courses and works every free minute on his songs. He also spends attention to world events and releases a remake of the traditional House of the Rising Sun with alternative lyrics, Haus im Libanon (House in Lebanon).
2007 Robin finishes his work on Nachtgesänge and introduces an astonished world audience to his latest Album. Fans in the UK are happy to meet him in London, Edinburgh, Canterbury, Derby, Stevenage, Folkestone, Hastings, Manchester and Aylesbury.
2008 Robin receives positive reviews. Though he has to move around the country he finds the time to write a song about a man who knows what he wants, full of true and unveiled feelings, more romantic than any Hollywood love story: Der eine Wunsch. (That one wish). At the end of the year he joins female-fronted goth metal project Kundalini. Together they start working on their debut EP.
2009 Kundalini release their debut on which Robin plays all the instruments and has arranged all the music. It contains two songs: "Bleed" which is composed by the three of them, and Robin's song "Requiem" with English lyrics and an alternative vocal line on the vers. Though the responses are ok Robin makes up his mind and leaves in April. For the rest of the year he works on his latest songs.
2010 Robin is gigging in Shenzhen, China. One of his fans carrying a guitar asks him in the subway how to play it. Robin gives him precious tips on how to set it up and on how to play correctly. The euphoric fan wants to have him as a guitar teacher. However, since Robin is only temporarily in Shenzhen, he has to leave his crying fan and returns to England.
2011 Robin still works on his latest album but takes a break to perform one of his forthcoming songs, The Visitorin Central London.
2012 Robin still works on his latest songs but makes up his mind an releases those that are already completed one by one for the time being on several web sites.

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