Black Sunday – a Vampire Film you should see before you crumble to dust!

Here is a vampire film you should see before you die due to being impaled with a wooden stake through the heart!! Its name: Black Sunday aka The Mask Of Satan (original titlle: Il Mascare Del Demonio) from 1960 directed by Mario Bava, starring Barbara Steele.

In 1660 the witch Asa (Steele) and her lover are brutally executed. 200 years later they rise from the dead to take revenge.

“The film is a timeless and a stylish masterpiece”, Robin believes, “Compared to this movie you realize how dilletantic the Dracula films by Hammer are.”

We agree and keep our fingers crossed that you won’t be burned by a crucifix; at least not until you have seen the film.

And here is the pre-title sequence of Asa’s execution. Check it out!

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