ARE Dogs Born To Rule?

Here is the news Robin inspired to the follwing tale:

The master’s friend was originally his wife but the two dogs changed her gender. She is also a masochist and has always wanted to be operated this way on by dogs.
Instead of a crossbows bolt the master had inserted a dildo which was supposed to be inserted into the bubbling vagina but then hit the wet butt hole. Since the gender change was already done there was no vagina anymore anyway.
Thereupon the woman turns on the belly, and waggles with the dildo, which protrudes from the bottom. The dogs see their work completed, take a picture with their dog-phone and load it up.

And if they didn’t die, he’s still hiring them today. 

There is also a happy end for the old dog: The master is operated on to become a woman and marries the old dog

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