Another interview with Robin!

What’s new?

“I finally have a second voice for my great canon and am editing and mixing.
Furthermore I’m working on a lyric video for “Requiem”. Also, I haven’t given up on  the song “Mad Scientist” from the album Mission: Bizarre completely yet. Now it has a new hook!”

Will the song be on the new album?

“Probably, as a bonus track.”

What does your injury do?

“Little finger and ring finger of the left hand are still lame. I am prepared to become the bizarristic version of Django Reinhardt.”

After all, he wrote history!

“It’s actually easy to write “history”. You see? *writes* Hiiissss… torrrr… ryyyyy…”

Great! What would you like to finally say to your fans?

“Never give up, great things take time.”

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