A Cure For Wellness – Review

Robin saw the 2016 psychological horror thriller A Cure For Wellness directed by Gore Verbinski and now gives us his impressions.

The hero (Dane DeHaan) is sent from New York to a strange spa in the Swiss Alps to bring back the CEO of his company. The spa there is under the control of a presumably mad scientist (Jason Isaacs) and harbours dark secrets.

Robin’s Thoughts:

The music is very catchy, the main theme reminds a bit of Lullaby from Pan’s Labyrinth.
The actors are very good.

But the film deteriorates. For example, the hero comes into the “transition room” where he is force-fed live eels, then totally conforms in line, and then suddenly is the rebellious hero from the beginning again, without any further explaination.
Morevover, the film is far too long.

Further thoughts:
When the antagonist drops the mask, it reminds a bit of Waxworld with Vincent Price.

And: if Robin discovers the truth about a strange spa, he will think twice about warning the brainwashed patients.


The film begins excitingly and certainly has potential, but loses it towards the end.

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