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Lyrics about the Grenfell Tower Disaster!

The Grenfell Tower inferno inspired Robin to do another adaption of the traditional “House of the Rising Sun”. Here are the lyrics!

House of the Grenfell Tower

There was a house in Kensington.
“The Grenfell Tower” its name.
It was the home of guys …

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Parody of Beatles Classic!

Robin wrote a German parody of the song Penny Lane by The Beatles. It is about a pretty but troubled girl who enjoys eating beer glasses – enjoy!


Penny Pain

Penny Pain, sie war ein Mädel und recht sonderbar
Das war schade, denn …

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New Video “She Loved Too Much”!

Robin found the time and created a new video to the song “She Loved Too Much”.

“It is inspired by an actual girl. I don’t know what has become of her”, Robin lets us know. We believe this adds to the …

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