9/12 The Questioning of Omar – The Bitch of the Baskervilles

9/13 The Questioning of Omar – The Bitch of the Baskervilles

What happened so far:

Sir Baskerville never came back from his morning run. Sherlock from Scotland Yard leads the investigation. His boss, Ms Gruber needs results, his colleage Mr Slickwood is destructive, Sir Baskervilles’s neighbour, Lord Summer, is a psychopath, Sherlock gets strange phone calls from some Dr. X, and there is a number of suspicious servants. Like Omar – who is questioned now.

“I know not where is sir. Me brand new!”
“You are the gardener here?”
“Where were you when Sir Baskerville disappeared?”
“Pruning the hedge and weeding the garden.
“Did you see Sir Baskerville leave the house?
“He went for run, like every morning.”
“What was he like?”
“Drunk a lot. Alcohol. Halal! May God punish him. Or his warriors.”
“Warriors of God?”
“They make quick punishment for drunkards. God is great!
“I see. Omar, can you please be at the disused slaughterhouse at midnight?
If possible without witnesses and unarmed? But with a wheelbarrow and a corpse box?
“Me don’t have wheelbarrow.”
“And the body bag?”
“Can I use garbage bag?”
“Then me there.”

To be continued…

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