9/12 another call – The BitchOf the Baskervilles!

9/12 another call

What happened so far:

Sir Baskerville never came back from his morning run. Sherlock from Scotland Yard leads the investigation. His boss, Ms Gruber needs results, his colleage Mr Slickwood is destructive, Sir Baskervilles’s neighbour, Lord Summer, is a psychopath, Sherlock gets strange phone calls from some Dr. X, and there is a number of suspicious servants. He needs a plan now.

Sherlock rubbed his hands. The servants would meet Dr. X and have the house to themselves.
Just as he was about to giggle softly, his mobile rang.
“There’s been a slight change of plan. “Also, bring 100,000 unsorted and in small bills. and you will get your wife back. And no police.”
“But I am the police!”
“All right, you are. But nobody else!”
“All right, then…”
The caller hung up.

Dr X had a diabolical grin on his face. This idiot had blown his last score and a lot of money coming in. He’d also severely humiliated him. Payback was sweet. That would teach Sherlock a lesson. And his wife would also be humiliated and tormented in front of him. There was so much festivity in the punishment…
Dr X had a creepy laugh.

Sherlock combined razor-sharp: if he had decided against the case and in favour of his wife, she would not be in extreme danger now. Should he drop the case? But it didn’t matter now. Besides, where was he going to get the money in a hurry?
He could report the case. But then maybe Mr Slickboot would take the case away from him. Of course, maybe he could score points with his superior officer…
No, he had a better idea.
He giggled quietly and patted himself on the back.

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