7/12 The Questioning Of Carlo – The Bitch Of the Baskervilles

7. the questioning of Carlo

What happened so far:

Sir Baskerville never came back from his morning run. Sherlock from Scotland Yard leads the investigation. His boss, Ms Gruber needs results, his colleage Mr Slickwood is destructive, Sir Baskervilles’s neighbour, Lord Summer, is a psychopath, Sherlock gets strange phone calls from some Dr. X, and there is a number of suspicious servants. Like Carlo – who is questioned now.

“You’re the man his friends call the Marx Brother?”
“Yes. Actually, I’m his great-great grandson.”
“And where’s your beard?
“It gets in the way of cooking, so I shaved it off. I shaved all over, too, by the way. You want to see?”
“No, I believe so anyway.”
“But I have an artificial beard that I wear in my spare time.”
“I see.”
“But I don’t have artificial pubic hair.
“I’m sure your great-great-grandfather didn’t have that either.
“What do you know about Sir Baskerville?”
“He’s a corrupt, exploitative bastard.”
“Has he ever exploited you?”
“Not that. He is, though.”
“Even though he never exploited you?”
“I make good food.”
“I see. Carlo, no more questions. Please come to the old slaughterhouse at midnight with a wheelbarrow and a body bag. Possibly unarmed and without witnesses.”
“At your service.”
“Thank you for the interview.”

To be continued…

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