6/12 The Questioning of Sharon – The Bitch Of the Baskervilles!

/12. The Questioning Of Sharon

What happened so far:

Sir Baskerville never came back from his morning run. Sherlock from Scotland Yard leads the investigation. His boss, Ms Gruber needs results, his colleage Mr Slickwood is destructive, Sir Baskervilles’s neighbour, Lord Summer, is a psychopath, Sherlock gets strange phone calls from some Dr. X, and there is a number of suspicious servants. Like Sharon – who is questioned now.

“I’m Sharon.”
“I’m Sherlock.”
“Where is Sir Baskerville?”
“That’s what I came to ask you!”
“Well, off with you.”
“What’s he like as a man?”
“Extremely manly! And fatherly. If he wanted to burn his initials in my ass, I’d let him. But only him.”
“Lift up your skirt. There’s already a lot of branding!”
“These were my previous gentlemen.

She had the men of her choice do just about everything to her. She was unconsciously trying to tell them that they would never find anything as easy to care for as Sharon.

“Anything else?”
“Please come to the old slaughterhouse at midnight with a wheelbarrow, a body bag, unarmed and without witnesses.”
“All right. You can put people in jail for real?”
“I’m only interested in the truth.”
“But it’s in their power to end a person’s freedom?”
“If he or she is guilty guilty.”

Sharon had a thing for men in positions of power. When she was a student, the main reason she was in love with some teachers was the power vacuum.
She’d look at Sherlock with wet eyes and she’d bat her eyes and she’d bat her eyelashes.
She breathed a kiss to Sherlock and grabbed his crotch. Then she got down on her knees in front of him and opened his trousers.

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