5/12 Sherlock’s Plan – The Bitch Of the Baskervilles

5/13 Sherlock’s Plan – The Bitch Of the Baskervilles

Sherlock combined razor-sharp. He had to get that strange phone caller. Maybe coming to that abandoned abbatoir was a trap? Maybe he should send somebody else there first. If it was safe he would follow.
Sherlock patted himself on the shoulder.

He was in need of a friend ith benefits, too. Maybe he took Lady Baskerville. Maybe she looked attractive. Besides, maybe he was getting closer to solving the case.
Except the servants were making sure nobody went into the room. So he had to get rid of the servants. Then he’d have the house to himself, and he could visit Lady Baskerville.

He had already thought about how he would get rid of the servants, patted himself on the shoulder again and giggled softly.

To be continued…

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