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The Invisible Guest (2016)

The Invisible Guest (original tile: Contratiempo) is a Spanish thriller from 2016.


In a hotel room, the main suspect, Adrián, who is accused of killing his mistress Laura, and his lawyer Goodman work on his version of the story to convince …

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Huis Clos (1944)

Huis Clos is a play by Jean-Paul Sartre.

It is about three people who never met in life and now meet in hell. The same is a hotel interior, whose windows are bricked up the more they are forgotten on earth, …

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Deadpool (2020)

Deadpool is a 2020 superhero movie about a hero of Marvel comics who becomes the superhero Deadpool.

Wade, handsome, with an attractive partner, learns that he has terminal cancer, so he lets a mysterious underground organization transform him into a superhero …

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Angel Heart (1987)

Robin has some thoughts on the 1987 film Angel Heart, directed by Alan Parker and starring  Mickey Rourke and Robert DeNiro.

It’s about private detective Harry Angel who gets an assignment from a strange man named Luis Cypher to scout out …

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Jack Reacher (2012)

Robin had the opportunity to see the 2012 film Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise in the title role.


Robin’s thoughts:

Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is surprisingly good, although he reminds Robin of former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and he would …

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“Sapiophilia? WTF Is That?”

If you are into someone because the person is so intelligent, you are a sapiophile.

There are evolutionary reasons for this: those with intelligent partners are likely to have intelligent children, and they are likely to do better than stupid children.

This …

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Beware Of Bats!

Robin saw a film about vampire bats and is very disillusioned, “I imagined them much scarier visually!”

Here’s a bat to Robin’s liking:

Whether the cows bitten by vampire bats at …

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Corona and the Brirus

The lockdown in Germany is tightened and extended. The reason for this is the Brirus (the new virus mutation from Great Britain), which has long since gone around the world and is even more contagious than the old version of …

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What’s Wrong With the Brains Of Psychopaths?

Studies show that psychopaths very likely have different brains than normal ones: fewer connections between the part of the brain responsible for empathy and guilt, and the part responsible for fear and anxiety.

This brings Robin to the movie Frankenstein (1931) …

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