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Another Interview With Robin!

Robin lets us know his latest ideas.

How is it going with your psychological thriller?

“I will write two different versions of The Bitch of the Baskervilles – one without age restriction and one “18+”. Sex sells, you know.”

Are you going to …

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Christine (1983) by John Carpenter

Robin saw the film Christine by John Carpenter about a demonic car and its romantic relationship with its owner, and had quite a good time.

“Those days horror movies were much tamer than they are now.” Robin says.

“I also was back …

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Slasher (TV series)

Robin has been watching the TV serien Slasher on Amazon Prime.

It is about a masked serial killer named The Executioner, several suspects and a heroine trying to find out what the answer to that mystery is. Her parents were brutally …

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Another Interview With Robin!

We had a chance to have a quick chat with Robin.

How is your left hand doing?

“I’m still far from where I once was but I can move all my fingers again, practice a lot and get a little …

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