Monthly Archives: February, 2020

Never Miss an Opportunity!

New footage of Dr. Dog has surfaced. Besides beauty surgery and sex change the doctor found a third thing he adores. Maybe he will get some girls seduced! (His child would be the son or daughter of a son of …

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Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Good fun! Two harmless Hillbillies meet some college students in the woods. There are many misunderstandings leading the students to believe the two are dangerous psychopaths – while they believe the students are suffering from mass psychosis.

Hopefully there is going …

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What happened so far:

Marlin wants to go to the University Of Sorcery and aks her best friend Karen for advice onn who to takw A n examimner. Now she awaits the examination.



Chapter: The Examination.

Marlin had a funny feeling. She has …

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Magic Cucumber 1/3

Here you will now read the first of three parts, which will introduce you to the fascinating world of magic cucumbers.
What has happened so far:

Nothing. Part one, dumbass.

Many thousand years ago, there was a secret priesthood far away in …

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John Dies at the End!

Robin had the opportunity to see the movie John Dies at the End from 2012.

It is about a drug called soy sauce, which gives supernatural abilities, but unfortunately can turn the consumer into a creepy creature from a parallel universe. …

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