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Review of Mission Bizarre on The Independent Spotlight!

” B. Czar’s lyrics and performance are on point: he’s not your traditional vocalist or predictable talent. It’s a bit like if David Bowie and Alice Cooper had a lovechild. He’s got the sensibility and theatrical nature of both, with the …

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New Review on Jamsphere!

‘“Mission Bizarre” is a revolutionary work by an undeniably bizarre and talented artist!’

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FAULKNER Review of Mission Bizarre!

8.3/10! This really makes my day!

Mission Bizarre by Robin B. Czar

Robin B. Czar is a singer/songwriter and guitarist hailing from England. His signature
sound is a mix of classic rock like Black Sabbath and W.A.S.P. with more modern
rock/metal artists like Marilyn …

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Interview with Robin!

If you aren’t aware of Robin B. Czar you must be an ignorant person living in the basement of your mother’s house and come out only for special occasions. Robin, bizarre, positive, and unlike anyone else, has been around for quite a …

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Robin is happy to announce that he has reworked the songs Fee and Mad Scientist from his forthcoming album Mission Bizarre. “Free has an additional guitar solo and the rhythm guitars of Mad Scientist are now different. I have also …

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