New Story: The Girl!

Robin has another idea for a story exploiting classic female sexual phantasies he has from

The Girl.


An innocent girl runs away from home and meets Madame, a mature woman with a lot of authority. She is like a mother to the heroine. She seduces the girl and they have wild and passionate sex. Madame turns out to lead a brothel. The heroine starts working for her and has sex for money with strangers that are either into role play, dominance or submission.

One of her Johns falls in love with her and wants to save her. The heroine is, however, attracted to Bob, the John’s best friend. Others are watching her having sex with Bob which arouses the heroine quite a bit. After having sex with him her John dumps her because of the heroine’s infidelity. She takes Bob – but Bob falls in love with Madame. The heroine is having group sex with her, Bob and some colleagues and clients who join in. The John who wanted to save the heroine is heartbroken, wants to take revenge, kills Bob, Madame (he mistakes her for the girl) and himself afterwards. The heroine becomes the new leader of the brothel. An innocent young girl that has run away from home comes to her. The circle closes.

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