11/12. In the Disused Slaughterhouse – The Bitch Of the Baskervilles!

11/12. in the disused slaughterhouse

What happened so far:

Sherlock of Scotland Yard investigates the disappearence of Sir Baskerville. There are many suspects: the psychopathic Lord Summer, the servants of the Sir, some strange Dr. X, and a destructive colleague. Sherlock is told to come to the abbatoir with some money for Dr. X but he has made a plan…

Sherlock’s wife screamed through the gag so that her screams echoed off the walls of the courtyard of the disused slaughterhouse.
Dr. X wore a Venetian carnival mask and had Sherlock’s wife tied to an upside-down pentagram. Her body was illuminated red by the glow of burning coals next to it.
“It’s almost midnight. I’m sure your husband will show up any minute now.”
“But before he does…” He laughed in a creepy voice and pulled out a pair of scissors. “A little souvenir.”
He used them to cut Sherlock’s wife’s trouser legs off. Then he used a tattoo needle.
“Here on the inside of one of your thighs. “On the other, we’ll do this here…”
He took a brand and he put the lace in the fire.

But what was that? In front of him stood a man in a chef’s hat and a wheelbarrow.
“Religion is opium for the people. Instead of this pentagram you should have used a hammer and sickle.”
“Mind your own business!”
Then a young woman came up to the man in the chef’s hat. She too had a wheelbarrow.
“You must be a criminal, right? And how dominating you can be. Men in positions of power excite me.
“Fuck off!”
“Marhaben!” From the twilight came a man from the Middle East. “That my wheelbarrows! They stole them.
“So what?” “Property is theft.” “Exactly!”

“Where’s Sherlock?” Dr X asked desperately, “I want the money!”
Behind the mask cold sweat ran down the face of Dr. X  Nothing went as planned. Next time he would do something in a closed room. And that’s why he’d leave the brands off!

Sherlock entered the courtyard.
“You must be Dr. X, right? Why don’t you take that stupid mask off?” He tore off Dr. X’s mask. It was Lord Summer!
“You know what? You better put your stupid mask back on. “In the name of the law, I arrest you for possession of an unlicensed firearm, and for the attempted public torture and humiliation of my wife.”
Lord Sommer played dumb. “I don’t know what you mean…”
“It doesn’t matter what you mean. Yussuf? Igor?”
Sherlock snapped his fingers and two heavyweight policemen in bulletproof vests came out of nowhere.
“His Lordship would like to come along.”

Miss Gruber joined in.
“Who actually called Dr. X in?”
“That would have to be Slickwood.”
“Well, he is in deep trouble then.”
“I’ve got a case to solve. See you.”

Sharon looked sad. “Sherlock gone, Lord Summer gone…” She went up to Omar and batted her eyes. “Can you dominate a woman? Treat her like a sex slave?”

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