The Strange Case Of Captain Hammer – A Fragment

From his forthcoming book “Magic cucumber and other bizarre stories” Robin lets us know one of his literary outbursts:


We’re writing the ’90s. Sandra studies personals and comes across the following: “Sex in uniform? Real officer fulfills you (female, beautiful, horny, lonely, sociable) your wildest dreams!” Sandra decides to answer the ad and gets to know its author, a certain Captain Hammer.

The captain and Sandra are at her home and decide to have sex.  She asks him to take a shower first. He refuses on the grounds that he always smells good, has a narcissistic personality disorder and is extremely manly. Sandra then takes him to bed by throwing her shoulder at him. The captain stares at her, like the hypnotized rabbit stares at the snake. Then she pulls him into the shower in the police grip.

The two meet a few days later in a pub. Wordlessly, the captain gives her a letter. In it he confesses that he is masochistic, has fallen in love with her and wants to become her sex slave. The letter is accompanied by a photo of him crawling naked on a leash on all fours. Sandra says she has to think about it. She accidentally leaves her letter and photo in the pub.

Two days later the captain goes alone to the pub. Loud shouting sounds towards him: his letter and photo are framed on the wall. The captain runs away with the pallor of the corpse, while on his escape he ejaculates into his trousers because of the humiliation.

Later that night, the captain sits under a bridge by the river and thinks hard about his situation, a young man with an open beer sits down next to the captain and proudly presents the philosophy of life he has developed: that only being important is important, not being important is unimportant and so on. The captain jumps up, accidentally knocking over and spilling the young man’s open beer – which leads him to grab the captain by the ankles and wipe the floor with him. The captain ejaculates.

Later, early in the morning, Rudolph goes home from the shoot. His anus hurts him and he begins to suffer from incontinence. He has to play the submissive role in two more parts of the SM porn series Dark Doings in the Dungeon. If he resigns, he must pay a penalty – unless he finds a replacement. But who is so stupid?

While he broods, he clashes with a little man in a dirty uniform. “How dare you,” he hisses irritatedly, “Do you know how many men I can lead?

“Do you want to become a film star?


Some time later…

The two children Annie and Tony go into the living room to watch a Disney movie, and they see that there is already a tape in the VCR on which “Dark Doings in the Dungeon II! Even more perverse! New line-up”. Obviously, the video-addicted grandpa forgot it there?

Curiously they press “Play” and see a dungeon in the middle of which a small man in a captain’s uniform stands by torchlight. And then there’s the ominous music.

A dominatrix walks up to him, pulls out a knife and cuts off all rank insignia and orders from the uniform of the little man. He wheezes, clenches his fists, trembles his whole body and finally whines quietly like a beaten dog, but continues to stand firm.

After the degradation she opens his fly and pulls out his tiny but erect cock (4.5 cm). Then she gives him a tablespoon in one hand and a plate of shit in the other. The little man squirts.

At first Annie and Tony look on with excitement, but then lose interest in Grandpa’s video and insert the Disney film instead.

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